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Labor is a farmer’s largest expense, often between 20% and 35% of the total. Labor costs peak during the picking season when workers are hired for the harvest. Many are seasonal employees and can be paid by the piece or earn wages based on H2A compliance. Tracking this labor force has traditionally been through a manual process based on paper and a bit of an honor system. The result is a process prone to mistakes. Reporting mistakes may be caused by human- or transcription-errors, lost or damaged records, long delays, or outright fraud, such as ghost employees. All these issues increase costs, lower productivity, and expose you to compliance violations. There must be a better way? There is – Intelli-wAGe remote labor tracking and harvest recording.

Remote labor and harvest tracking

    Track employees daily actions

      Conveniently clock in and clock out a group of employees in the field

      Meet regulatory labor requirements and compliance issues

      Easily track critical activities, such as pruning, harvest, etc.

    Automated wage calculator (hourly or piece-work)
    Sick pay accruals based on state or local regulations
    Track productivity by unique employees
    Eliminates errors from manual/paper processes
    Export data into payroll systems: Famous, Computech, MAS90 and more
    Split payroll by Group or Company
    English or Spanish interface
    24/7 Cloud secure access to your data & stored records
    Flexible/editable reporting with easy to use Dashboard interface
    Advanced analytics improves decision-making

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Key Benefits of the Service


 Reduces labor expenditures and improves accuracy by automating manual processes
 Improves productivity via mapping functionality that support “precision” agriculture
 Ensures regulatory compliance, example piece rate vs. min wage calculations, break pay, and other state and federal requirements
 Streamlines H2A reporting
 Ensures accurate payroll processing and provides records available for audit requirements
Ensures employees are accurately compensated
Increased visibility of actual hours spent on assigned tasks
Improves traceability
Affordable and scalable based on employee billing that does not penalize based on monthly churn of employees


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