Field to Office Management

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Mobile Collection and Rugged Devices

The Intelli-wAGe Field Mobile Management Solution provides agribusinesses with a flexible solution for tracking and managing employee time and piece work, as well as inventory items in the field. Our flexibility accounts for the needs of crop traceability and labor tracking while conforming to your processes. Our solution now resides in the cloud and can easily scale for phased deployments and pilot testing.

Intelli-wAGe works best with rugged devices (mobile computers) and can utilize your existing barcodes or NFC tags. You can quickly collect GPS location information with or without a cellular plan.

Our mobile technology provides communication to your host application via Wi-Fi or cellular.

Rugged Devices

Hand written time cards and other antiquated ways of tracking field data are proving inadequate. They lack accuracy and put you at risk for other forms of time theft.

  • Built-in barcode scanners or NFC capture make employee an inventory data
  • Rugged, industrial design in a consumer-style smartphone device
  • Access to Intelli-wAGe and all your business-critical apps
  • Voice, data, photos, video, apps, and GPS—all in a single device
  • Fast, dependable wireless connectivity with unmatched processing power
  • Maximum-sized display that’s easily readable in sunlight
  • Reliable capture of barcodes that are dirty, damaged, or poorly printed
  • Enterprise-grade security with Zebra’s Android Mobility Extensions

Mobile Printers

  • Compact, yet high-performing, rugged printers offer on-demand printing in the field.
  • Provide your employees with real-time and end of day piece work totals
  • Print Bin Tickets on the spot

Bio-metric Clocks

Biometric identification and field time clocks offer a more secure alternative to manual timesheets.

  • Prevents Buddy Punching
  • Works in the field (requires power and cellular communication)
  • Eliminates ghost employees
  • Ensures accuracy


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