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Intelli-Ag Mapping

Analytics & Mapping

Intelli-wAGe is a “software as a solution” (SaaS) product that lets you remotely track labor details and record harvest yield and much more. The analytics tools in Intelli-wAGe enable you to quickly transform data into insights and actions. Complex data is easily organized and graphs, tables and charts can be downloaded in familiar formats, such as Excel, and shared across your organization. The information collected can also be manipulated, edited and charted across time, in order to identify trends, potential causes and corrective actions. Intelli-wAGe is a labor tracking and harvest recording solution with Analytics capabilities that include standard and customized reporting as well as Mapping and GeoFencing. Click here to request a no obligation demonstration.

Analytical Reporting

  • Flexible/editable reporting with easy to use Dashboard interface
  • Workforce productivity by orchards, block, crew or individual
  • Daily reporting or Real Time visibility
  • Export Excel and other formats
  • In- and Out- Time Management
  • Wage or piece-work calculations
  • Customizable to your business
  • Data available Daily or in Real Time
  • 24/7 Cloud secure access to your data & stored records
  • Identify and reduce erroneous yield counts such as discrepancies between field counts and warehouse count

Intelli-Ag Mapping

Intelli-Ag Mapping Platform


  • Visual analytics
  • View data graphically by company, farm, GeoFencing/GPS coordinates, crop, orchard, crew or individual
  • Planning & forecasting
  • Identify opportunities for productivity gains, growth & savings


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