Field to Office Management

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About Intelli-wAGe

Intelli-wAGe is a software solution for growers.  Developed by DataPro Solutions, a 59 year old Northwest company that has been serving the agriculture community for over a decade. Intelli-wAGe improves labor tracking in the field, increases inventory accuracy between the field and the warehouse and gives our growing clients unprecedented visibility into their operations.  If you are looking to increase your farm’s productivity, let Intelli-wAGe help you.


Why Choose Us?

Field Labor Tracking
Labor is a farmer’s largest expense, often between 20% and 35% of the total. Labor costs peak during harvest and compliance continues to get more challenging each year.
Analytics Mapping
The analytics tools in Intelli-wAGe enable you to quickly transform data into insights and actions. Complex data is easily organized and graphs, tables and charts can be downloaded in familiar formats, such as Excel, and shared across your organization.
Rugged Devices
Rugged mobile computers remove the challenges of consumer grade phones. Get easy scanning, visibility to screens, communications, security and batteries that last the entire shift.
Network Services
High quality Representative Service for Consulting, IT Project , Server, Workstation and Security Systems management
Dependable Services
Technology transitions can be daunting. We work with you every step of the way to ensure your field deployment is successful, and post install, we continue to service you by providing expert local support.
Reputable Company
For nearly a decade, we’ve worked with growers and packers to leverage technology which improves processes and drives productivity. Intelli-wAGe was developed with a detailed understanding of all aspects of agri-business operations, finance and reporting.
Smart Farming
Hassle free farm to field management, analytics, and future forecasting